On-Premise or Hosted

Host HelpSpot yourself or get fully managed hosting


HelpSpot's self-hosted solution allows you to simply download and install on your internal servers or hosting provider of your choice.

The self-hosted solution gives you full control:

  • Infinitely Scalable
  • Self managed backups and upgrades
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure
  • Run HelpSpot behind your firewall
  • No monthly fees

Purchase Process

  • Purchase HelpSpot licenses
  • Install HelpSpot on local server


For those that are looking for a managed solution, we've partnered with Arcusetech to provide a hosting service tailored to meet the needs of HelpSpot. All plans run on modern hardware with SSD drives for maximum speed.

Going with our hosted solution, you'll get:

  • Service from a well-known, reliable hosting provider
  • Enterprise performance; On demand scaling
  • Worry-free software management and back-ups
  • Free installation, optional upgrade service
  • FTP access, email accounts, and more

Purchase Process