Beyond dealing with customer issues as one-offs, you need tools that are flexible; allowing you to manage each unique inquiry as a component of a larger customer service operation.

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Fielding Issues from Every Direction

Email, web, phone: all means by which your customers contact you and the channels HelpSpot can pull from to create a centralized location for managing your customer support.

HelpSpot is highly effective for managing email. Pull email from multiple mailboxes via POP/IMAP, scale your email support to thousands per day, manage and organize email in ways never dreamed of in Outlook.

Inquires from these varying sources all enter the system to become a request. Each request can then be managed and worked in a way that delivers consistency to your customers and transparency to managers.

Centralized, now what?

Centralization is of little use if there isn’t an organized, yet flexible, means for accessing individual inquiries. HelpSpot provides a robust framework for displaying and accessing individual requests: filtered views.

While select views are provided by default, HelpSpot provides the capability to build unlimited custom filtered views based on specified criteria, or conditions. With over 25 conditions and the use of and/or logic as well as condition grouping, filtering possibilities are limitless.

Filtered views can be used by everyone from the CEO down for monitoring various request activity and creating alternative work queues based on specified business needs, such as department or issue type.

Built into every filtered view is a powerful quick action menu that gives you the on-demand ability to quickly act on groups of request within a view. Simultaneously, reassign or respond to multiple requests with a couple of clicks.

Support Management on the Go

Because we know your customers don’t stop when you are out of the office, HelpSpot has a mobile optimized interface for fast updates on the go. Following the same intuitive, logical interface as “standard” HelpSpot, our mobile versions allow access to the most critical functions while on the road. Always keeping your customers and support operation within reach.

More to Know

  • Batch actions: From any filter quickly respond, reassign, or update a group of requests.
  • Filtered views: Using powerful and/or logic define conditions to pull the exact requests you need to see.
  • Grouped filters: Configure how filtered view results are grouped in the request grid.
  • Automation: Automate escalation, reassignment, and notification.
  • Stream view: Display request updates in time sequential order within a filter, giving instant look at activity.
  • Export: Export any filtered view to Excel for additional manipulation.
  • SPAM filtering: Trainable, Bayesian SPAM filtering keeps your Inbox full with customer requests, not junk.
  • Manual request creation: For those times when the phone rings or a customer is at your desk.
  • Workflow management: Use automation & emails rules, and triggers to create a workflow that supports your requirements.
  • HelpSpot on the go: With a mobile version, access HelpSpot on your iPhone or Blackberry.
  • Manage SLAs: Use automation and time tracking to support any customer SLA.
  • RSS feeds: Use any RSS reader, like those in Outlook or Firefox, to stay current on the requests.
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