HelpSpot Agent Training

Getting started as a user of HelpSpot is easy. The videos and links below will help you get started on the right foot.

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Staff Preferences

In this video we'll cover the HelpSpot staff preferences and settings that can be adjusted for each staff member.

Additional Resources

User Preferences KB Reference

Admin Area Navigation

This tutorial covers the basic navigation interface of the HelpSpot. We quickly cover the top module navigation and the main side menu in the workspace.

Workspace Navigation

In this video we cover the basic usage of the HelpSpot inbox, my queue, spam and trash areas. We also cover basics searches, peeking and taking requests.

Filter Basics

This video covers the basics of using, creating and editing filters. Filters are a great tool for organizing and analyzing your requests in HelpSpot.

Additional Resources:

Filters in Use: Working Example
Workflow Filter Examples

Request Interactions

In this video we cover the basics of interacting with requests in HelpSpot.


In this video we cover, creating, editing and using responses in HelpSpot to speed up customer interactions and agent tasks.

  • Response Usage
  • Editing and Creating Responses (Read More)

Additional Resources:

Work Smarter Not Harder With Responses