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At HelpSpot, our readers are interested in articles that help them work efficiently, make their customers and employees feel more supported; and make processes and interactions, whether customer-to-employee or coworker-to-coworker, better for everyone.

Have advice or processes that have helped you tackle business issues such as these? HelpSpot is accepting guest blog posts at this time. We’d love to share your ideas and insights.

Guidelines for Contributed Articles

We encourage potential guest authors to keep the following in mind:

  • Quality content is critically important to us. We define this as: content that introduces a business problem or topic and provides clear, actionable advice or information that will help our readers be more successful.
  • Blog posts discussing a problem our readers may face must always include a recommended solution(s).
  • Opinion articles are accepted. Please introduce the topic, briefly reference common debate about the issue, and express your opinion and your rationale behind it.
  • All contributed articles should include a brief summary at the top outlining the topic and key takeaways of the post.
  • To make articles easily skimmable, please keep paragraphs short, break up your content with subheadings, and use bullet points when listing items.
  • If included images within your post, please link to the source for proof they fall under the Creative Commons (CC) license.
  • Please avoid being overly promotional of your product or business. Linking to your product or business in context is okay if appropriate for the context of your article.
  • We do not accept content that has been previously published elsewhere.
  • We may make light edits to address grammar, spelling, formatting, and sentence structure issues. We will never make edits that change the meaning of what you’ve written.
  • We cannot provide extensive editing—please don’t send “rough” drafts!

Become a Guest Author

While we’re happy to review completed posts, we encourage contributors to reach out to us first with a topic idea and brief outline for consideration.

We encourage contributors to reach out to us first with a topic idea and brief outline for consideration. When submitting, please provide your name and contact information, the full name of the author to be credited, and a brief introduction to the author (and their business, if applicable).

We look forward to sharing your business advice with our readers!

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