Ef·fi·cient \i-ˈfi-shənt\ — Productive without waste.

Beyond Efficiency.

Help Desk Software Redefined


Turn Emails Into Living Documents

Automatically make every email an organized, assignable, reportable, and shareable document.


Every Customer Service Ticket Has 1 Owner

Avoid conflicts with your tickets and never hear "I thought you were working on it" again.


Flexible, Structured Customer Service Software

HelpSpot's custom fields let you collect any data in just the way you need it.


Clear and Concise History

Every interaction is displayed in a simple, complete, single page history so agents always have context.

Help Desk Ticket Management

Filter, track, tag and categorize. Even store unique data with Custom Fields.

Case Study

Customer Since: 2013   ·   Agents: 9

“We're a much more effective and cohesive crew since adopting HelpSpot.”

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Help Desk Software That's Easy To Customize

Customize nearly every facet of HelpSpot Help Desk Software to meet your business needs.

Help Desk Software, Hosted or Download

We’re one of the only help desk software services that give you the choice between keeping your data on your own servers or storing it in our cloud.

Your choice. Same price.

HelpSpot Cloud

Nothing to install. All data stored in the secure AWS East datacenter.

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HelpSpot On-Premise

Install HelpSpot on your own servers. You have complete control.

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The HelpSpot Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied within 90 days of purchase, we’ll refund your money; hassle-free.

Customer Quote

Bill Brown

Chief Technology Officer
Need a Nerd

"HelpSpot has made my staff much more efficient and effective. We can easily handle and measure the thousands of tickets we receive each week, and automate processes that don't need a human too. I highly recommend it."
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Customer Since: 2014   ·   Tickets Answered: 82,000+

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