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Beyond dealing with customer issues as one-offs, you need tools that are flexible; allowing you to manage each unique inquiry as a component of a larger customer service operation.

Centralized Customer Support Management

Email, web, phone: all means by which your customers contact you and the channels HelpSpot can pull from to create a centralized location for managing your customer support.

Email Management

Pull email from multiple mailboxes via POP/IMAP (unlimited mailboxes supported), scale your email support to tens of thousands of tickets per day. Manage and organize email in ways never dreamed of in Outlook, Gmail, or other help desk systems.

Filtered Views

Filtered views can be used by everyone from the CEO down for monitoring various request activity and creating alternative work queues based on specified business needs, such as department or issue type.

Built into every filtered view is a powerful quick action menu that gives you the on-demand ability to quickly act on groups of request within a view. Simultaneously, reassign or respond to multiple requests with a couple of clicks.

Automate any Business Need

Preforming customized actions, or sets of actions, are possible through rules and triggers. Similar to filtered views, conditions are defined which must meet by a ticket. Actions are then applied against tickets that match the criteria.

Create rules that work together to support a workflow that meets your business needs; whether that means simple notification at various points to resolution or full-on automation of the resolution process.

SLA Management

Use the built in filters and automation along with custom fields and dozens of other tracked factors to build custom SLA tracking.

“HelpSpot allows us to clearly manage customer facing communications across many departments. With such a high level of organization at our fingertips, we can ensure that we have the right people doing the right work, resulting in maximum customer satisfaction.”

Raymond Deux, Founder and CEO