What's new in HelpSpot 4.0

Support for any language (UTF8)

For HelpSpot 4 we’ve re-architected much of the underlying systems in HelpSpot to support UTF8. That means that now HelpSpot can support any language on earth! No matter where your customers are or what language they use, HelpSpot can handle it.

Native iOS and Android apps

Access support requests from your smarthphone with native iOS and Android apps. Custom designed from the ground up to making working with HelpSpot on-the-go a breeze.

Add attachments with responses

Much requested by our own support staff! Now attachments can be associated with your prepared responses. No more manually uploading the same documents for every request. Now just once associate common documents to prepared responses and you’re done!

Reply directly from notification emails

Now handle those quick replies without ever leaving your mail client! When HelpSpot sends you a notification email, hit reply to send an instant public reply to the customer.

See who’s currently viewing a request from the Workspace

Easily see which requests are already being viewed or replied to from one screen in the Workspace.

Multiple permission group selection

Select multiple permission groups for filters and responses.

New report grouping options

Group by customer id and email to easily see trends by customer.

Dozens of other tweaks

Designed to further refine the HelpSpot experience, we’ve made a bunch of other smaller changes (i.e.: tweaks) along the way as well like new API calls, webhooks in triggers and rules, new filter conditions, and improvements in the quick view popup in the workspace.

Key architecture updates

HelpSpot 4 sets a new foundation for which we’re planning many exciting enhancements for the coming months and in HelpSpot 5.

HelpSpot Cloud

In conjunction with HelpSpot 4, we’ll be rolling out the HelpSpot Cloud service. Who better to keep your HelpSpot installation running at peak performance than the people who created it?

With HelpSpot Cloud we’ll take care of hosting, optimizing, and backing up your HelpSpot installation. HelpSpot Cloud gives you all the customization and flexibility HelpSpot is known for without the fuss of running your own server. Stay focused on your customers and let us take care of the rest!

HelpSpot Cloud Includes:
  • HelpSpot installation, upgrades, and hosting
  • Sphinx setup and management
  • Access to all HelpSpot features
  • Custom domains
  • Use your own email servers (or ours)
  • Redundant, all SSD infrastructure
  • Daily backups

Unlike other SaaS help desk solutions, HelpSpot Cloud will allow you to move your installation to or from your own servers at any time. Start hosting with us and move it in house later. Tired of running your own servers? Move your installation to HelpSpot Cloud in the future.