What's new in HelpSpot 4.5

HelpSpot 4.5 introduces some great new enhancements to HelpSpot designed to make your team more productive. Easily spot important requests with colors for predefined list fields, drag and drop request images/attachments, and pinned history items to find what you need fast.

Color Coded Fields

Give custom fields more visual distinction for easy identification in the Workspace.

Inline Images

See the images you're sending to customers directly in the reply box.

Matrix Report

Easily see trends and compare nearly any data stored by HelpSpot.

Productivity Report

A clear grouped view of how quickly you're responding to and closing requests.

Drag and Drop Files

Easily attach files and images from your desktop to a request via drag and drop.

Pinned History Items

Keep important request history notes easily accessible by pinning them in the history.

Zapier Integrations

Connect HelpSpot to thousands of other applications with 0 programming.

Check/Uncheck Categories

(Finally!) Check and uncheck all categories and fields + many other improvements.