Our Philosophy

Simply put, our goal with HelpSpot is to empower companies to effectively manage customer service. To create a product that supports this core function, we keep a few guiding principles top-of-mind.

Require request ownership

Individual ownership is required in HelpSpot. Requests cannot be assigned to a nebulous workgroup or department. Individual ownership is the cornerstone of driving processing efficiency and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Real-time data integration

Data syncing is a nightmare, we know. So unlike other systems, HelpSpot doesn't store your CRM/HR data. Instead we provide the ability to connect to your data, real-time, direct within the individual request, ensuring customer-specific data is always current. Our robust live look-up capability also allows for the passing/setting of custom fields. Just another way we're helping you gain efficiency in your customer service operation.

Create structured flexibility

The needs of every company differ; some require elaborate issue categorization and meta-data collection capability, while others only loosely categorize issues. To accommodate all types of companies, we provide a structured framework of data collection/categorization that is fully customizable yet still easy to report against.

Create a clear, concise, request history

When working through customer issues, knowledge of past interactions is critical. This is why every request has a complete log of all actions taken and messages sent listed in reverse chronological order. This allows any Staffer, at anytime, to become current with a request.