Written by Chris Fidao on Oct 17, 2018 in

HelpSpot 4.8.8

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where admin links for staff notifications generated from a secondary portals lead to the wrong location.
  • Fixed notifications that could be sent to disabled staff from mail rules and triggers.
  • Fixed issue with saving SMTP passwords when creating a new mailbox.
  • Admin theme JS is now loaded on the login page.
  • Fixed open redirect.
  • Added noopener noreferrer directives on _blank links.
  • The HS_Request_Events table is now locked prior to deletion commands to prevent merge failures.
  • Revised javascript for saving drafts and notes in the HelpSpot WYSIWYG editor to prevent save failures.


  • Updated filter logic to be more efficient on certain time-based filters.
  • Add dtGMTLastPublicUpdate to private api filter get 

New Features

  • Thermostat integration now supports both NPS and CSAT surveys

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