Written by Ian Landsman on Feb 15, 2016 in

Version 4.0.23


  • Improvement in SphinxSearch delta indexes. If you would like, after updating, you can re-generate your Sphinx configuration file using the search:config command.
  • Added group by Category option to the Time Tracker Over Time report.
  • The HelpSpot logo now look better on retina screens

Bug Fixes

  • Staff subscribed to a request now get notification emails even if "send notifications via email" is unchecked. To stop emails they need to unsubscribe from the request.
  • Fixed issue with extra field dates and utf8 languages.
  • When using the keyboard shortcut to search the input wasn't getting cleared out. 
  • Removed a double line break with signatures in HTML email. 
  • Fixed an issue with the WYSIWYG editor inserting response placeholders as headings. 
  • Fixed issue where MySQL client may incorrect fallback to latin1 character set instead of utf8/utf8mb4 on Linux
  • Fixed an issue during upgrade where email headers may not be parsed correctly
  • Fixed overflow in note history with non-breaking strings.
  • Fixed sanitization on portal pages.
  • Fixed portal category grouping option in portal template code.
  • Prevent browser from autocompleting username and password when editing staff members.
  • Removed unneeded br tag that was inserted before email signatures 
  • Fix calendar display for foreign languages
  • LiveLookup grid results now overflow with a horizontal scroll bar.
  • Time Tracker is now more accurate even when in a background tab.

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