Written by Chris Fidao on Jul 18, 2016 in

Version 4.5.5

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved round-robin issue where OOO user caused round robin to not cycle through all staffers
  • Fixed display issue with the color picker when editing custom fields. 
  • Fixed issue where drill down fields could have extra space.
  • Fixed issue where reattaching could throw an error.
  • Added validation to the email field when creating requests.
  • Added save draft feature to the wysiwyg editor.
  • Resolved edge case where inactive staff's reply to their own request would show as from staff. 
  • Updated wysiwyg editor configuration instructions
  • Resolved issue where drafts from one request could be populated into the editor for a new request.
  • Added error logging to custom field creation.
  • Fixed display issue where long field names were not properly handled in the matrix report.
  • Quoted message history items are now appended instead of replacing the editor content.

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