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Version 4.6.5

Requirements Change

HelpSpot now requires at least PHP 5.6 or PHP 7


  • Disabled staff are now hidden on the today board report.
  • Added the ability to use a custom field tag in the TO: field of the "External Message" action on automations and triggers.
  • Added automatic installation of the C++ redistributable library for windows installations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconstancies in the productivity first response speed report.
  • Fixed bug with upload limit warning that could prevent attachment uploading.
  • Added logic to prevent emails from running through the markdown parser if it already contains html.
  • Fixed bug where request log information was not included in notification emails.
  • Modified the WYSIWYG editor theme to improve readability.
  • Corrected link in in install.txt.
  • Improved IMAP mailbox code testing.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the windows upgrader from properly connecting to MySQL installations.

If you are using custom portal templates, HelpSpot 4.6 has some minor portal template changes documented here: https://support.helpspot.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=517

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