Email For Customer Support

Email alone works for a while, but eventually it breaks down. It always does. You need something more to manage the complexity of a growing customer support team.

Email isn't designed to be used but a team of people responding together to inbound emails. When you push email to far in this direction it causes too many problems, too many emails fall through the cracks, knowing who is working on what is hard, and meaningful reporting is practically impossible.

HelpSpot Lets You:

  • Use your email accounts that you control.
  • Never let a request slip through the cracks again.
  • Know exactly which agent is working on which ticket.
  • Understand your help desk, not just run it.
  • Provide tools to help offset support requests such as the self-service portal.
  • Maintain email branding that's unique to you.
  • Keep your help desk in the cloud or download it.
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