Your Zendesk Alternative

Zendesk is all things to all people. That's great, there needs to be products like that in the world, but does that everything and the kitchen sink approach work for you and your team?

HelpSpot has everything you need to run your support, but nothing more. You won't be paying for all those features that you don't actually use. In fact, you'll be paying a whole lot less, just check out the chart below. It's no wonder we see a lot of searchers coming here for Zendesk alternatives.

Perhaps more amazing, is that even with this large cost disparity, HelpSpot has been profitable every single month for 10 years running. Do you know how many months of profitability Zendesk has? 0. Yep, never been profitable. That's OK for them, they run their business one way, we run ours another. As a private company focused on our customers we like answering ONLY to our customers and staying focused and profitable. We'll be here for you now and in the future.

A little about what makes HelpSpot different:

  • Want to host your own installation?
    Only HelpSpot lets you do that.
  • Want to edit the raw templates for complete customization?
    Only HelpSpot lets you do that.
  • Want to own your help desk rather than rent it?
    Only HelpSpot lets you do that.
  • Want no limits on agents, tickets, api usage, and more?
    Only HelpSpot lets you do that.
  • Want to manage multiple brands?
    Only HelpSpot lets you do that (affordably!).

Price Comparison:

5 Agents
20 Agents
50 Agents
HelpSpot $1,797 $5,997 $11,997
Zendesk "Pro" $8,820 $35,280 $88,200
Zendesk "Enterprise" $17,820 $71,280 $178,200