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5 Little Apps For Better Customer Service

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 05.23.2016

If you’ve been working in customer service for a while you have probably found a few go-to apps that make your day easier. Today, I’ll highlight a few apps that I’ve found especially helpful!

Google Translate

It’s a super simple, but super powerful tool. Being a company with international clients I often find myself needing to translate emails from a clients first language into English. Google translate takes care of this for me in a snap. It even detects the language that I paste into the input area! I wouldn’t trust it to translate messages that I send back to customers. But for getting the gist of a message that I receive, Google translate is absolutely perfect. Google Translate


The print screen button or grab on mac are ok tools for making a screenshot. However they lack a number of key features. Annotations, motion capture and quick uploading. Enter Droplr. Droplr makes all of these tasks super quick and easy. I’ve set up Droplr with a keyboard shortcut to capture a screenshot. Droplr give’s me an easy to use selection tool to choose the area of the screen that I want to capture. I am then presented with drawing and annotation tools to quick draw arrows, boxes and add text. After this, Droplr automatically uploads my image to their cloud service and provides me with a link in my clipboard.

On top of all this, I can create Gifs or MOV screencasts. Set expirations and passwords on uploads and upload other file types for sharing. It’s so easy, I use this tool every day. Dropler


This tool is a little bit tech specific, but if you support a web based product BrowserStack will help you recreate customer’s environments. BrowserStack allows you to launch very specific virtual machines running particular browsers, all from you webbrowser. Work on a Mac? You can still test functionality on a windows 8 based IE computer. Work on Windows? You can launch the latest version of Safari and make sure that your web app is functional cross platform. You can even launch mobile browsers. BrowserStack

Hour Lite

This little tool sits your mac toolbar. It’s available free from the App Store. You can add multiple timezones and easily get a display of the current time in each location at a glance. I find this super helpful in working with clients across the country and around the world. It’s saved me from calling customer’s cell phone numbers entirely too early in the morning! Hour Lite

HelpSpot Vault

HelpSpot Vault is a small web-based app that is built by the same team that brings you HelpSpot. If you regularly send or request sensitive information over email this is the tool for you. HelpSpot vault encrypts your text based data using your browser. It then generates a link that you can send along with a password. These links expire after a specified time, so you don’t have to worry about the sensitive information hanging around indefinitely. For an extra layer of security transmit the link and decryption password key via two separate methods. For example email the link and call or text the password. HelpSpot Vault

Well that wraps up my list of helpful apps for the week. Hopefully you’ve found a new tool that will help you delight customers!

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