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HelpSpot 4.6.10
This release includes enhancements to response search, new filter columns and several bug fixes.
Integrating HelpSpot with Microsoft Power BI Reporting Tools
HelpSpot includes a powerful set of API endpoints that can be used for a variety of purposes. API endpoints can be leverages to extract data for external reporting. This article will walk through how to Connect HelpSpot with Microsoft Power BI Desktop.
3 Ways to Merge Requests In HelpSpot
HelpSpot includes the helpful request merge function which allows staff members to combine multiple requests into one request id. This can be helpful if a customer contacts you more than once about the same issue, or if a custom reopens an issue with a new request ID. There are several ways to merge requests in HelpSpot. We’ll cover each in the this article.
Use Reporting Tags to Make Your Request Data Richer
Reporting tags in requests allow you to add additional data about the nature of a request beyond a simple category selection.
HelpSpot 4.6.9
Full text database search bug fixes
Request History Views
The request history recorded for each request in HelpSpot provides a comprehensive record of all actions taken on a request. Sometimes this comprehensive view is perfect. At other times you may want to filter this history down. HelpSpot provides several different views of the request history.
HelpSpot 4.6.8
Updates, bug fixes, and skipping versions for super-good reasons that definitely make sense.
Getting Started With Business Hours In HelpSpot
When you begin using HelpSpot there are a number of Admin settings that are great to setup for your specific organization. One of these settings is Business hours. Business hours allow you to configure your helpdesk's hours of operation. Business hours are important to configure because HelpSpot uses these settings for calculations such as First Response Speed and Resolution Speed. In addition these settings can be used to control when triggers and automations are in effect.
New HelpSpot Training Videos
Helping customers get the most out of HelpSpot is one of our favorite things to do. We're excited to announce new self-service video training for both agents and administrators. These video resources provide bite-size chunks of information on specific HelpSpot topics. You can view each video individually or watch an entire series as a playlist.
Spam Filter Whitelists and Blacklists
The SPAM filter in HelpSpot includes a Bayesian filter that is trained by marking requests as spam. With training, this is a very powerful way of filtering email. However, there are times when you may want to make sure that a particular sender or email header is always marked as spam or always marked as not spam. In HelpSpot we call this the Whitelist (not spam) and Blacklist (always spam).
Writing a Customer Service Resume: A How-To Guide
All too often, job applicants put together a "general" resume that they use to apply for every job with little to no modification. Unfortunately, general resumes don't tend to be very successful—especially for customer service positions.
HelpSpot 4.6.6
Message HTML/Markdown handling bug fixes
Custom Request Status Setup
HelpSpot's status field allows users to select the current state of a request. During initial setup we populate the HelpSpot database with several default status types. You don't need to stick with these defaults. The status types in HelpSpot are customizable to meet the needs of your business processes.
Version 4.6.5
Includes several bug fixes and enhancements to external message actions.
5 Customer Retention Techniques To Try Today
These days, you're not the only lemonade stand in town – in fact, you might not even be the only lemonade stand on the block. To stand out, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition any way possible. How do you do that? By improving customer satisfaction! You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but ​when it comes to customer retention, you may need to give it a spin every now and then to make sure it's still working.
The Importance of a Customer Postmortem
You've lost a customer. It's okay. It happens. Now, take a step back. This is why it's critical you look back at the history of the client relationship and do a postmortem.
Version 4.6.4
Stable release of version 4.6
Version 4.6.3
Stable release of version 4.6
How to Retain Your Delightful Customer Service Team
Your customer service team is your first line of defense when establishing relationships with new customers, and your last line of defense for maintaining unhappy customers. A good customer service employee is valuable – too valuable. Without a retention strategy in place, what’s to stop your best employees from going elsewhere? The answer is nothing!
Version 4.6.2
Stable release of version 4.6