HelpSpot 4.8.12

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 12.27.2018

Bug Fixes

  • RSS Feed authentication now supports external authentication
  • Added email validation to prevent malformed emails from crashing the mail retrieval process
  • The time tracker interface is no longer incorrectly displayed on the batch update screen
  • Added missing event data to the request history API
  • Fixed scenario where KB page data could be lost while editing
  • Required checkboxes now properly validates on the public portal
  • Fixed error in the matrix csv report export


  • Staff profiles now load faster due to limiting the resources loaded when a staff member is selected
  • Triggers, Automation and Mail Rules now support subscribing and unsubscribing staff members
  • Tasks.php debugging is now streamed live to the console
  • Added the ability to turn thermostat survey syncing on or off in tasks.php
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