HelpSpot 4.8.18

Written by Ian Landsman · 02.12.2021

Larger Change

Request history capped at 4000 request history entries. This hard limit prevents email loops from creating many, many requests causing performance issues.

You can adjust this setting using the “cHD_MAX_REQUEST_HISTORY” setting as documented here.

Minor Changes/Improvements

  • Improved upgrade from v3 v4 for installations with very large numbers of attachments
  • Added ability to order requests in a filter by Thermostat NPS/CSAT score
  • Added ability to use the presence (or lack of) Thermostat feedback as a filter condition
  • Fixed issue where certain caches weren’t cleared when category assignments were changed within Staff settings and custom fields
  • SQL Server connection sets the dateformat on each connection to avoid issues with international default date formats
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