HelpSpot 5.0.65

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Written by Ian Landsman, published on 01.28.2021

Potentially Breaking Changes Upgrading From Version 4

  • Read through the upgrade documentation found here before continuing as there are a number of major changes.
  • Forums have been removed. HelpSpot will provide an export option and we recommend moving forums to one of the many purpose-built forum platforms. Here at Userscape we use Discourse (
  • Tokens in templates and responses are now delimited by double “{“ characters. Existing responses and templates will be automatically converted. However, if you are using an external text macro tool, for example, you may need to make updates.
  • Admin Themes have been removed and have been replaced with custom admin JS and CSS settings.
  • Custom portal templates need to be updated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with report export for matrix reports
  • Portal accessibility improvements
  • Fixed issue where the archive function on mailboxes was unable to be toggled off.
  • Migrate portals command updated for potential user input issues on Windows
  • Fixed int overflow error when using date set criteria on SQL Server
  • Removed unneeded portal files
  • Fixed issue with file path for older user avatars
  • Moved database cache to larger column type to account for larger queries
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Fixed issue with sendmail email configuration not being allowed
  • Fixed display issue where request note could overflow the container
  • Improved post upgrade instructions for self-hosted customers
  • Fixed the processing of the ##hs_category:xx## parser tag in emails
  • Fixed bug in ##hs_assigned_to:xx## parser tag
  • Fixed portal template loading order issue

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