Helpspot 5.0.78

Written by Ian Landsman · 03.15.2021


  • Upgrade the WYSIWYG editor and added new text formatting options to the toolbar
  • Improved filter formatting when long email subjects are included
  • Allow special CSRF exceptions on custom routes

Bug Fixes

  • Add a fallback if parse_url fails on the cHOST for setting SMTP HELO.
  • Fixed issue with mobile authentication when the public API was disabled
  • Fixed image upload url in cases where hostnames are different
  • Removed unused logo image setting
  • Normalized unset settings to empty values
  • Resolve issue where some links would be generated with the wrong path for API created requests
  • Added in-repy-to and references headers to outgoing emails for proper message threading in some email clients
  • Fixed issue with KB attachment path for installs that use a subdirectory.
  • Fixed path formatting issue when creating a new secondary portal on windows based instances.
  • Updated query error handling
  • Fixed apache config in windows installs not being created correctly for installs in a sub-directory.

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