Helpspot 5.0.79

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Written by Ian Landsman, published on 03.25.2021

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for markdown images being drag and dropped
  • Fix reattachment javascript bug
  • Fixed caching of tinymce JS with each HS version
  • Remove bar between wysiwyg options
  • Fixed dark mode roll over style in the header
  • Fixed issue with response folder ordering when there are multiple levels of folders
  • Fixed table width display issues
  • Fixed issue where deleted users were not removed from the assignment pool of auto assignments in categories.
  • Fixed checkbox requirement on portal forms
  • Reminders now default to 8:00am instead of midnight.
  • Fixed issue with WYSIWYG image uploads
  • Better error handling for thermostat events
  • Fixed checkbox interaction in the peek view.

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