Helpspot 5.0.80

Written by Ian Landsman · 04.19.2021

Bug Fixes

  • Added ability to force HTTPS schema via .env file configuration parameter FORCE_HTTPS.
  • Fixed potential performance issues with session garbage collection.
  • Fixed always visible scrollbars on tables in the request history.
  • Prevented the creation of session during API calls
  • Health check pings no longer create sessions
  • WYSIWYG styling improvements
  • Removed broken inline images when quoting a request
  • Fixed potentially array key error in API
  • Improved request history forwarding processes
  • Fixed issue where disabling “Enable HTML for Notes” and adding image attachments resulted in HTML source being shown.
  • Added full-size image button when viewing a closed request.
  • Improved HelpSpot 4 to 5 upgrade process when dealing with a large number of documents being upgraded.
  • Turn off autocomplete on staff username field to prevent errant entries.
  • Fixed issue where images with custom parameters might not be attached properly.
  • Improved dark mode on sortable editing fields
  • Fixed issue where staff alternate email notification could still be enabled after remove of alternate email settings.
  • Fixed issue with the time tracker on requests prior to creation that results in time being logged on the wrong date.
  • Fixed issue with the “reassigned by” filter criteria
  • Added example in .htaccess file of enforcing use of .htaccess in Apache

Windows Installer Updates

  • Updated bundled Apache Installation
  • Added no-restart argument to vcredist install to prevent restarts cause by anti-virus scanners
  • Updated links to HelpSpot resources.
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