Helpspot 5.0.82

Written by Ian Landsman · 05.19.2021


  • Added basic DB profiling option for debugging
  • Improved query performance for getting user avatars on the request page
  • HelpSpot will now guess the file extension based on mime type for attachments if a file name is not included in the headers.
  • Added underline button to WYSIWYG editor
  • We now only log the first line of the email send failure in a note to include the basic needed information. The full SMTP transaction log will still be available in helpspot.log

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed language file error on todayboard dashboard.
  • Removed unneeded sorting links when testing an Automation Rule
  • Fixed api-key background when in dark mode.
  • Fixed language file error when using the license command in the HS command-line tool.
  • htaccess for apache installs now has an additional line for enforcing https based on x-fowarded-proto header
  • Fixed issue for users in a permission group that is limited to assigned categories where their private.request.get API calls fail and return an empty result.
  • Ensure column is nullable for databases that do not support not-null columns with no default value (sqlsrv 2014).
  • Fixed read/unread state when updating to hs5
  • Fixed the horizontal spacing on the request page title
  • Fixed private api generating the list of mailboxes
  • Fixed system information query for SQL Server.
  • Fixed the portal reset password submit button label.
  • Improved the file permission handling of uploads.
  • Fixed private.document.get for s3-backed storage (Chris Fidao)
  • Added a form validation check when submitting a request to ensure we have all the attached docs stored on disk.
  • Fixed mail rule headers matching
  • Fixed issue with spam checking and bayesian classifier
  • Fixed email formatting on the password reset email
  • Resolved issue of LDAP auth checkbox options not staying checked
  • Change the order of running email through markdown until all the variable replacements have been done.

Windows Installer Updates

  • MySQL client used during the install process is now compatible with MySQL 8.0
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