Helpspot 5.0.86

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Written by Ian Landsman, published on 06.23.2021


  • Add UI for alt tags on images in KB pages
  • Added ability for administrators to delete an attachment from the customer tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible issues with attachment processing
  • Fixed issued with CID matching on email attachments
  • Fixed issue where unread icon could appear in certain edge cases with no new updates
  • Fixed bug in the loop check system
  • Fixed issue where secondary portal SAML auth would redirect to the wrong URL after authentication.
  • Fixed bugs with style image tags not attaching properly images properly
  • Fixed issue where legacy filters and automation that key off of long text custom fields could cause errors
  • Fixed issue where pdf content could be missing in attachments
  • Fixed issue where fullname was not available as a trigger variable
  • Fixed markdown processing in triggers
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