Helpspot 5.0.88

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Written by Ian Landsman, published on 07.14.2021

Breaking Changes

  • Command line based live lookup parameter order has changed to fix an issue with missing parameters. If you are using command line live lookup you may need to update your script. Most customer use http/https livelookup and won’t need to make any changes.


  • Email sends are now retried in the queue 5 times with 30s backoff before reporting failure. This enhancement makes HelpSpot more resilient to temporary SMTP server failures. This is configurable via .env settings.
  • The filename of the retreived eml file during email import is now recorded in the email headers area of HelpSpot.
  • Added alignment controls to the WYSIWYG editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for retrieving binary attachments
  • Fixed SAML redirect issue
  • Fix KB wysiwyg toolbar
  • Fixed issue where attachments in responses were not included in emails if using database based storage
  • Added LDAP support for RSS authentication
  • Fixed issue with loop checking logic
  • Bayesian spam classifier now uses domains not entire urls as spam criteria.

Windows Installer Updates

  • Go-Supervisor is updated to 0.7.3
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