HelpSpot 5.0.95

Written by Ian Landsman · 03.30.2022
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  • New placeholders are available for the current portal’s parameters: portal portal_org, name portal_helpdeskurl, portal_requestformurl, portal_requestcheckurl, portal_knowledgebookurl
  • Preview, search and other modal windows are now wider making more information available on a single screen.


  • Fixed issue where incorrect portal could be linked in emails when using a secondary portal.
  • Removed outdated full text search warning.
  • Fixed issue where placeholder tags would not be replaced in subject lines.
  • Improved error handling if an invalid placeholder tag is added to the body of a message.
  • Fixed issue where a missing cookie storing the last search could cause an error.
  • Added a validation check to not allow attachments without a note.
  • Improved the display of reporting tags in requests.
  • Fixed issue where multiple Thermostat surveys on one request could cause filter errors.
  • Improved request id handling in the subject line when a new request is created.
  • Fixed issue where blob files were included in API calls.
  • Improved the performance of the request history view in the portal.
  • Improved the display of upload status on large file names
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Ian founded HelpSpot in 2005 with the goal of making every interaction with your customers simple and efficient.
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