HelpSpot 5.1.8

Written by Ian Landsman · 02.09.2022


  • Support added for API based authentication to Office 365 mailboxes using oAUTH authentication. This new mailbox format will be compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming policy changes regarding basic authentication on IMAP and SMTP connections.
  • Improved the UI of the Settings > Email Integration page. You are now allowed to set an existing mailbox for you default sending settings.
  • Added “date is not set” option for filters.
  • Added a utility command to delete jobs from the queue based on fully qualified class name
    e.g. php artisan queue:clear-job -Q default -c redis HS\IncomingMail\Jobs\FetchMail


  • Fixed full text search error on SQL Server based installations.
  • SAML_AUTH_CONTEXT is no longer sent by default when using SAML authentication to prevent auth type mismatch errors.
  • CC’d recipients on new request are now sent auto reply emails in addtion to the primary customer.
  • Fixed issue where quoting an email that is marked as private would not include the original messages headers.
  • Fixed issue where private chapters in knowledge books could create incorrect navigation links on the customer portal.
  • Fixed issue where saved reports could be displayed without proper folder navigation.
  • Added additional error check to ensure a request can’t be merged into itself.
  • Fixed “Invalid id given” error when reattaching documents.
  • Email subjects are now parsed for Helpspot template tags.
  • Set missing portal variable on reoccurring requests.
  • Fixed issue where update webhook for a request would send an incorrect value for the fOpenedVia field when the update is made in the request page.
  • Fixed issue where “<” sign was not allowed in filter names.
  • Fixed issue where only the first custom field email tag would be properly stripped from an incoming email containing multiple tags.
  • Addressed issue where a user could inadvertently update a request that was marked as spam. This fix moves items from SPAM to ACTIVE when updated via the private api. It also warns user in the web UI and disallows updates until they change the status.
  • Fixed issue where the portal password reset form does not build URLs based on secondary portal URL.
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