HelpSpot 5.2.2

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Written by Ian Landsman, published on 04.18.2022



  • Fixed error when sending reminders with certain template tags included.
  • Fixed issue where triggers would still be logged even if the “don’t log” option was selected.
  • Fixed issue where the sending email box selection in Admin > Settings > Email Integration would not show the correct selected value.
  • Allow archiving on Office 365 api connected mailboxes.
  • Fixed SQL error on SQL Server when running Customer Activity Report Grouped by Name.
  • Set the SMS subject line to “HS” to allow of the message content to be sent in the SMS body.
  • Fixed issue where custom IMAP mailbox connection options would not be shown.
  • Fixed the address book popup dialog display width.
  • Fixed issue where the WYSIWYG editor would not load if the app URL included a port number.
  • Fixed issue with some API calls where file attachment blob contents would be included in the returned data.
  • Fixed issue where unsaved note data in a staff member’s browser would be improperly saved on existing requests and restored to a new blank request.
  • Fixed improper text on the notification name setting field label.
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