HelpSpot 5.2.13

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Written by Ian Landsman, published on 08.22.2022


  • Added a new action to Automation Rules and Triggers that posts a webhook without the request history included.
  • Added helper files for the new windows installation process.
  • Scheduled requests and reports now have a “Quarterly” frequency option.


  • Fixed issue where prev/next request button resulted in error when cookie “last_queue” was not set.
  • Removed the next previous buttons in the customer history where they are not needed
  • Added APP_URL to CSP portal policy to prevent resource loading issues.
  • Improved the default connect CSP policy
  • Fixed bug in email parser tags
  • Set html body on SMS messages as some SMS gateways require it.
  • Improved error handling of filters that show a count in the workspace sidebar
  • Fixed widget loading issues
  • PHP 8 compatibility fix
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