HelpSpot 5.3.0

Written by Ian Landsman · 03.01.2023

Breaking Changes

  • SQL Server requirements have been raised to SQL Server 2012. This is due to change in the collation of the HS_Request_History.tNote and HS_Request.sTitle columns to correct emoji in initial requests causing query errrors on SQL Server. This change also requires a rebuild of the full text indexes on these columns, so plan for additional downtime for that process to complete while upgrading. This does not affect MySQL/MariaDB based installs.
  • Livelookup via command line now uses named parameters instead of unnamed options in the command line. This allows for much easier and more consistent parsing of the data provided to command line Live Lookup tools. If you have an existing command line livelookup tool, it will need to be updated. This does not affect HTTP based livelookup.


  • Added an optional feature to redact SSN and Credit Card numbers from new tickets and updates to existing tickets. To learn more about this feature, head over to our YouTube walk-through.
  • Added additional system checks when running the command line updater to ensure the environment is ready to upgrade.
  • Improved the error checking during the install process.
  • Added Cricket Wireless as a SMS gateway option.
  • Reorganized the system settings page to make the options clearer.
  • Fixed error and added a warning when drilldown custom field options change invalidating old data.


  • Removed unneeded installation steps on Windows.
  • Fixed potential error when building the KB table of contents.
  • Fixed potential errors with integer values on filters in PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed error in portal conditionals when no secondary portals exist.
  • Fixed error that could cause the workspace to no automatically refresh.
  • Fixed error the setup.bat file used to create the HelpSpot queue workers on windows.
  • Fixed html syntax error in request history search screen
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