HelpSpot Automation Webinar

Written by Ian Landsman · 05.14.2024

The webinar, led by Dave Hicking (Product Manager at UserScape) and Ian Landsman (CEO), covered advanced automation techniques in HelpSpot and provided insights into using triggers, automation rules, and mail rules (& more) to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of time you spend doing the same things over & over.

HelpSpot Automation Webinar Highlights

  1. Introduction to HelpSpot Automation:
    • Definition and benefits of automation.
    • Focus on saving time, completing tasks, and supporting team efficiency.
  2. Triggers:
    • Real-time responses to changes in HelpSpot.
    • Example: Marking a request as urgent triggers multiple actions, such as notifying the assigned staff, subscribing to a manager, and emailing the customer.
    • Triggers can be customized based on business hours and other conditions.
  3. Automation Rules:
    • Run on a set schedule (e.g., every minute, hourly, daily).
    • Can handle more complex conditions and actions than triggers.
    • Examples: SLA management, notifying staff, reassigning tasks, sending follow-up emails, and creating reminder emails based on the time since the last update.
  4. Mail Rules:
    • Apply only to new request emails.
    • Can categorize emails, set statuses, add notes, and more based on email content and sender information.
    • Helpful in handling specific keywords or phrases in emails.
  5. Auto-Assign Requests:
    • Automatically assign requests to staff based on predefined rules.
    • Methods include default assignment, random assignment, least # of requests assignment, and round-robin.
  6. Responses and Request Actions:
    • Predefined responses for common queries.
    • Automate changes in request status, categories, custom fields, and more when using responses.
    • Recurring requests can be set up for regular tasks (e.g., weekly server checks).
  7. Zapier Integration:
    • Connect HelpSpot to other applications without coding.
    • Examples: Notifying Slack on new requests, creating Google Sheet entries, and integrating with CRMs.

Q&A Highlights

  • Reminders: Useful for notifying team members about tasks when they return from vacation.
  • Notifications: Subscribing to updates for urgent requests without being assigned to them.
  • Customization: Email templates for reminders and automated actions.

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Ian Landsman
Ian founded HelpSpot in 2005 with the goal of making every interaction with your customers simple and efficient.
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