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Getting Start With The HelpSpot – Zapier(Beta) Integration

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 05.16.2016

As part of the upcoming HelpSpot 4.5 release we will be rolling out Zapier Integration to all of our customers. You can get started in version 4 right now through a beta invite. Zapier makes it super easy to integrate multiple services together. With the addition of HelpSpot – Zapier you can now drive automations in and out of HelpSpot without writing a single line of code. This could be something as simple as driving phone and desktop notifications when new requests come into HelpSpot to something as complex as a wholistic integration between your CRM and HelpSpot. Keep reading to find out how it works!

Initial Setup

If you don’t have one yet, set up a Zapier account. Then, to get started working with HelpSpot and Zapier you will need to request a beta invite. No changes are necessary in your HelpSpot installation, we will simply send you a Beta invite URL and the app will be added to your Zapier account.

After you have added the HelpSpot Beta app, you can start building your first Zap. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • On HelpSpot Request Creation -> Post to Slack Channel
  • On New MailChimp Subscriber -> Create new Request in HelpSpot
  • On Category Change In HelpSpot to “Bug” -> Create Github Issue
  • On HelpSpot Request Escalation -> Call or SMS Phone Number
  • On HelpSpot Request Update -> Create a New Note in SalesForce
  • On New Canceled Order in Shopify -> Create a New Request in HelpSpot

As you can see, there is a lot of power to integrate your various systems together. When you get to the HelpSpot app setup for the first time while building your Zap you will be prompted for your HelpSpot username, password and URL. The URL that you need to provide is the primary customer portal URL. For example, if your helpspot admin url is https://helpspot.mycompany.com/helpspot/admin.php you will simply want to enter https://helpspot.mycompany.com/helpspot/. You can get step by step directions in our knowledge base.


If you are using the HelpSpot new request or updated request triggers, you will notice that they require an additional setup step of adding a trigger to your HelpSpot installation. On a technical level, this eliminates the need for Zapier to poll your HelpSpot Web API for updates. What you will notice in practice after using these triggers is that actions driven off of triggers are executed instantaneously! If you need more details on setting up Zapier triggers in HelpSpot we’ve put together in depth documentation along with a walkthrough video.

Start Integrating!

Hopefully this post has given you a teaser of what is possible with HelpSpot – Zapier integration. To get started simply request a Beta invite and we’ll get you setup!

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