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Hiring for Your Customer-Focused Business

We’ve written about hiring a few times on the HelpSpot blog. And for good reason… It’s a critical topic for businesses of all sizes.

Mike Hanski’s recent blog post, “Recruitment Advice: How to Hire and Manage Creative Talents” had a simple point that jumped out at me, when he warned recruiters to look out for “creativity for the sake of it.”

You might be at a large company with many roles to fill (and often, more turnover to manage), or a company with a small team of five people. Either way, it’s critical that all of your current and potential employees understand your customers and what they need.

Quite often, new hires bring “new” thoughts to the table. Such contributions should be encouraged! Exposure to new ideas, processes, techniques, and creative can help inspire productive conversations and growth.

But never forget to ask this simple question: “How could this help solve our customers’ problems or respond to their needs?”

That’s where you’ll want to spend the majority of your time. By focusing on your customers, rather than cool ideas just for the sake of doing them, your customer satisfaction will rise - and so will the satisfaction of your employees, as they see their work have a positive impact.

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