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Written by Ian Landsman · 08.26.2021
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Keyboard shortcuts can be an incredible time saver. This quick guide will show you some common shortcuts that can speed up your workflow in HelpSpot.

Enabling Shortcuts

Request navigation keyboard shortcuts are enabled in a staff member’s profile. To enable shortcuts on your account:

  1. Click on your name in the upper left hand corner for HelpSpot
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Workspace
  4. Save your changes

Workspace Shortcuts

Workspace shortcuts allow you to move between requests more efficiently. If your hands don’t have to leave the keys while cycling through requests you’ll get more done in less time. You can quickly move up and down through the workspace grid by using your up and down keys or j and k. This allows you to quickly select the appropriate request. You will notice an arrow shows you what request is currently selected.

You can then use keyboard shortcuts to perform one of two actions. The c key will check the checkbox for the currently selected requests. The the right arrow key or o key will open the request. After you open a request the note textbox will be selected so you can start typing a response without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Workspace Shortcut Summary

Key Action
up arrow or j Move up in the grid
down arrow or k Move down in the grid
c Check request select box
right arrow or o Open request

Simple actions can be performed completely from the keyboard. New requests can be created at any time while in the workspace by using the n key shortcut. When you create a request your cursor will be placed in the first name field allowing you to immediately start taking down information. You can also tab through the other customer detail fields to complete filling out a new request. This can be great if you receive a phone call and need to start taking down contact information immediately.

Another shortcut that is great when you receive a phone call is the request id/customer name search shortcut. By pressing the r key you can jump to the search box and begin typing your search for a customer name or request id immediately. Finally, you can quickly switch between three common views in HelpSpot using the 1-3 keys. 1 takes you to your default workspace, 2 to the inbox and 3 to my queue.

Key Action
n Create a Request
r Request ID Search
1 Workspace Default
2 Inbox
3 My Queue

WYSIWYG Shortcuts

Helpspot features a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This editor can be even more powerful and efficient when you combine it with built in key commands. Here is a summary of the formatting commands available when adding and editing notes.

Key Action
ctrl+z Undo
ctrl+y Redo
ctrl+b Bold
ctrl+i Italic
ctrl+u Underline
ctrl+16 h1-h6
ctrl+7 p
ctrl+8 div
ctrl+9 address

Hopefully, these shortcuts will help you move faster through HelpSpot’s interface. As a result, you can spend less time navigating and more time giving your customers great support.

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