New HelpSpot Training Videos

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 02.13.2017

Helping customers get the most out of HelpSpot is one of our favorite things to do. We’re excited to announce new self-service video training for both agents and administrators. These video resources provide bite-size chunks of information on specific HelpSpot topics. You can view each video individually or watch an entire series as a playlist. In addition to the videos themselves, we’ve collected helpful text-based resources to accompany each video. You can use these resources to dive deeper into the topics discussed in the videos.

To get started with these great new training resources, visit our training page at

Webinar Training

Finally, we will still be offering live training in our Advanced Training webinars. This live training will allow you to ask questions and get expert answers from the HelpSpot staff. In addition, we will be covering some of the newest features in HelpSpot so you can keep up to date with new tools that are available to HelpSpot users.

Webinar Dates

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