Version 4.0.20

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 11.24.2015


  • Email sending library replaced with more modern library, resulting in better error messages and SMTP support
  • MySQL can connect to servers in alternative ports using hostname format `hostname:port`, e.g. ``
  • Minor improvements in Advanced Search searching tips
  • Windows installer updates PHP to PHP 5.6, which has official support until 2019. (Note that HelpSpot is not yet tested on PHP 7 yet)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where stored incoming email headers may have incorrectly been stripped out when viewing in admin area
  • Fixed instances where public replies from staff to customers from their email client did not get added as a public note
  • Portal image styles (defaults) tweaked, adding max-width
  • Fixed IE cache bug, overly-eager at caching
  • Fixed issue with placeholder replacement when using a url that is different than cHOST.
  • Fixed issue with html all on one line being stripped. 
  • Removed “take it” button from closed unassigned requests.
  • Fixed issue where Sphinx configuration did not pull in create date of items from Request History, resulting in relevant search results being pushed to the bottom of results
    • We recommend re-generating your Sphinx configuration file
  • Fixed local storage saving when editing existing requests.
  • Fixed issue where mysql host in format of `hostname:port` generated incorrect Sphinx configuration
  • Fixed issue where Safari and iOS could not play .wav files (commonly emailed into HelpSpot as voicemails)
  • Fixed bug where email message ID may not be correctly added to an outgoing email (affected replying to a customer directly from email client)
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