Version 4.0.21

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 01.04.2016

Internal Changes

  • When an email comes in with only a single name in the email header we now treat that name as the first name rather than the last name.


  • Added the ability to turn off gravatar photos. See the hidden settings page for instructions.
  • Text Custom fields now use the number entered as the column size. 
  • Admin now requires you to confirm the email address when editing a user 
  • Updated database library for usage with Windows installer upgrade, which uses PHP 5.6 (as of 4.0.20) and related SqlServer drivers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed round-robin assignments going to deleted staff
  • Fixed issue where blank SMS notifications may be received
  • Fixed issue where plaintext emails may be marked has html in email headers
  • Fixed bug where attachments/files may not be retrieved from the filesystem or SqlServer correctly
  • Fixed issue where replying to staff notifications set the response to private.
  • Fixed filenames for download that may not have ascii-only characters
  • Fixed issues where email replies may mistakenly be marked as private
  • Changed WYSIWYG to not attempt to change URLs, which affected Windows local file paths
  • When editing staff account ensure the secondary email is entered when checking send notifications to secondary email. 
  • If sending a reply fails reopen the request and show the error.
  • Fixed address book issue where clicking a letter wouldn’t scroll to the correct location. 
  • Fixed database error when sorting reminders.
  • Fixed issue with API kb searching setting the wrong root tag if Sphinx installed.
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