Version 4.5.0

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 06.21.2016

Important Upgrade Notice:

Some customers have run into an error when installing this update that indicates there is a duplicate column named fPinned on the HS_Request_History table. This error can be fixed manually by following these directions: Fixing fPinned Upgrade Error

Important changes

  • CSV export now uses a tab as a delimiter.
  • Triggers have been changed so that if multiple are matched each one gets fresh data from the previous trigger(s).


  • Added new matrix report
  • Added new productivity report
  • Added new streamlined WYSIWYG editor
  • Add check/uncheck all to category and custom field lists.
  • Predefined lists may now have colors associated with each option which will be displayed in filter results allowing you to create colored labels in the UI. Every predefined list can optionally use these, more than one list may be included in any filter for a grid of labels.
  • Added ability to pin a public note in request history so it’s always on top
  • Added a “not urgent” condition to Automation Rules.
  • Dropzone added for drag and drop of files to attach to outgoing messages. Images will be inserted into the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Added Relative Date since Open “60 days” option in automation condition
  • Added a database index to HS_Login_Attempts for customers with large numbers of rows in that table
  • Sphinxsearch configuration command (search:conf) has new flag “–data-path” which can set the configured path to save the (potentially large) index files
  • Added a new integrations page in the admin area for information about Zapier integrations
  • ‘select’, ‘decimal’, ‘text’, ‘ajax’, ‘numtext’, ‘regex’ fields can now be grouped in filters.
  • Removed the last name from the staffer’s info when emailing request history to a customer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed improper CSV formatting in Excel by switching to tab separation instead of comma separation
  • Triggers have been changed so that if multiple are matched each one gets fresh data from the previous trigger(s).
  • Adjusted the email loop check criteria
  • Updated several links to HelpSpot resources
  • Fixed bug where signature could be included twice in batch responses
  • When logging time, the time tracker now resets the timer after logging time
  • Fixed business hours seeder so that good defaults are included on new installs
  • Removed mention of sphinx in search results when no results found

Language File Additions and Changes

These files have additions and changes that will need to be included in custom language packs.

  • lg.general.php
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