Version 4.6.1 – Beta

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 11.01.2016

This is a beta release. We recommend implementing this release in a staging environment before deploying it to production.

Requirements Change

HelpSpot now requires at least PHP 5.6 or PHP 7


  • PHP 7 Support!
  • New “Getting Started” page with checklist appears when Admin user logs in before making configuration changes, such as inviting Staff or adding Email Mailboxes
  • Added logging of delete (from spam and trash) actions at the time requests are permanently deleted to the data/logs/helpspot.log file.
  • Quoting/Forwarding request history messages will include CC emails on the message
  • Updated WYSIWYG editor to latest version
  • When converting a note to a request a link is added for easier cross referencing.
  • Added hidden setting (cEXTRASECURITYOPTIONS) that allow you to select a specific TLS version for SMTP connections.
  • Improved the wording when deleting spam via the command line.
  • Added more relevant information to the login screen
  • Improved attachment filename parsing
  • The existing request’s category and assignment are preserved when converting a request note to a new request

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where capitalization was used in default catpcha words on the customer portal
  • Fixed issue where exception errors did not make it to log file unless cDEBUG was enabled (all errors should be logged regardless of user-facing error messages being enabled)
  • Filter: Ordering results by status orders by status name alphabetically, rather than status ID, numerically
  • Fixed bug where external emails with “Do Not Email” selected resulted in an error
  • Fixed API bug in SqlServer where searching by xRequest used a string rather than integer value
  • Fixed bug where Filter/Trigger conditions for category/staffer had unassigned option twice
  • Fixed bug in some email clients where content below REPLY ABOVE was not properly stripped out when inserting into helpspot request history
  • Fixed bug where drag+drop files of size over the file-upload limit did not receive an error message (failed silently)
  • Fixed bug where secondary portals would show most helpful KB articles for all KBs if no KBs were selected.
  • Fixed issue where KB page would display public preview button before it was made public.
  • Fixed bug productivity report values.
  • Fixed bug where the “Mailbox” column header in Admin > Email Mailboxes shows the Reply-To Address, not the Mailbox.
  • Fixed bug where SMTP testing in the admin area required you to enter the password even if the password was unchanged.
  • Updated links to HelSpot hosted training resources
  • Fixed bug where the CC line of a quoted message could include recipients to did not actually receive the message.
  • Fixed issue where HS_Request.dtGMTClosed is updated incorrectly when an automation modifies the request while it is closed.
  • New and updated SMTP connections using TLS security default to tlsv1.2. The new cEXTRASECURITYOPTIONS can be used to select a specific TLS version

Windows Installer Changes

  • The windows installer now installs PHP 7 by default
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