HelpSpot 4.7.7

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 04.02.2018


  • An empty string passed in an API parameter will now reset the field specified.
  • Auto replies on request creation now include CC’d recipients so that they can add their responses to the message thread.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where invalid email address in instant reply actions could make an automation not run
  • Ajax lookup fields now send data internally as a POST to avoid webserver GET size restrictions. No changes are needed to existing ajax lookup field scripts
  • Fixed error where triggers could run twice for the same request update.
  • Audio and Image attachments are now shown inline by default when retrieving a file.
  • Headers are now properly show when quoting an external message
  • Fixed problem where a long running query in tasks2.php could cause an error.
  • Fixed error where email parser could be overly greedy and import a blank message.
  • Removed IE 9 compatibility mode in the default portal templates as it interferes with Google embeds
  • Fixed issue with Korean charsets in the from line

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