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Work Smarter Not Harder With Responses

Written by Ian Landsman, published on 04.08.2015

I’ve found that most customers think of the “Response” feature  to be standard “canned email replies”. In reality, they do much more than that and can assist you in a speedy and efficient workflow.     Let’s take a closer look.

Dynamic Content

One way responses can improve your workflow is by using dynamic content were possible. In HelpSpot, that is achieved through “Placeholders”.  The drop down field, shows both the be pre-built HelpSpot placeholders, and “custom fields” placeholders, that are used  to insert standard and/or unique data when the request note is sent to the customer.


Determining who can use your responses

Instead of leaving each staff member to building their own library of responses, a team leader can build standard replies for one or more members of their team to use, while also keeping other replies private for their own use. A complete permission system also lets you control who sees each response to avoid clutter.


In most installations (depending on permission settings), regular users can also create responses for the team so that the library can grow organically through actual use.

Attaching Files ( A version 4.0 feature)

A super exciting new feature being introduced in Version 4, is the ability to attach files to your saved responses. Gone are the days of endlessly browsing your hard drive looking for the same file to send out repetitively. Now, simply attach that document, image, form or other item to your response and when you use it in a request, your attachment is automatically there Brilliant! 


Request Actions

Request Actions are where the rubber hits the road in efficiency.  In this section, you can pre-set any of the items that you “always”, or “almost always” set, preventing you from having to manually set them within the request.

Want to always Carbon Copy (cc) a particular person when using this response?  No problem, simply set it once and forget about it!

Want to make sure this note is always private (verses public or external)?  Simply select that from the Change Note box.


Do you want to insert data into your custom fields,  set a status, change the category and reporting tags?   Any or all of that can be selected under the appropriate Request Action tabs per response. Each response is a unique and special flower!


Now that all of that’s been set, and the response has been saved, all we need to do is to get down to business and use them!


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