HelpSpot 5.4.0

Written by Ian Landsman · 06.15.2023

Breaking Changes

  • HelpSpot 5.3.0 had breaking changes. If you are upgrading from a earlier version please review the 5.3.0 release notes.
  • If you have a HelpSpot installation with a custom language pack and you are planning to upgrade to HelpSpot 5.4, there are a few additional steps you need to take. In particular, you will need to add language strings and files to ensure that the language pack works as expected in the new version of HelpSpot. See the details here.


HelpSpot AI

  • HelpSpot AI Prompts: Using an optional integration with the OpenAI ChatGPT API you can now write and use custom prompts to transform and improve notes written to customers and KB articles. HelpSpot AI comes with common prompts included that can be customized and added on to.

    Writing Improvement Prompts:
    – Expand into a complete reply
    – Expand into an article
    – Expand into a tutorial
    – Improve Writing
    – Spelling and Grammar
    – Make Shorter
    – Apologetic Tone
    – Positive Tone
    – Casual Tone
    – Formal Tone

    Translation Prompts:
    – French
    – German
    – English
    – Spanish
    – Dutch
    – Mandarin
    – Japanese
    – Hindi
    – Standard Arabic
  • HelpSpot AI can summarize your request history as a new note.
  • HelpSpot AI Translation: Using an optional integration with the OpenAI ChatGPT API you can translate request notes from a customer that is written in other languages.

(HelpSpot AI features require an OpenAI API key to be enabled.)

Mail Handling and Queue Improvements

  • HelpSpot worker queue sizes can now be viewed in the queue worker admin area.
  • Mailboxes now show their last successful check time in the admin interface.
  • If mailbox checks fail for more than 12 hours, an alert is shown to admins in the HelpSpot workspace alerting them to the issue.
  • HelpSpot now detects if a staff member’s personal email auto-replies to a request notification (out of office replies) and does not reassign the request in those cases.

Improved Redaction Controls

  • Added refined SSN redaction. You can now choose between dashed ssn redaction, no-dash ssn redaction, or both.
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