HelpSpot 5.4.1

Written by Ian Landsman · 08.21.2023

Breaking Changes

  • HelpSpot 5.3.0 had breaking changes. If you are upgrading from a earlier version please review the 5.3.0 release notes.
  • If you have a HelpSpot installation with a custom language pack and you are planning to upgrade to HelpSpot 5.4.1, there are a few additional steps you need to take. In particular, you will need to add language strings and files to ensure that the language pack works as expected in the new version of HelpSpot. See the details here.


  • Introduced a Call Center UI integrating a soft-phone frame on the left and the standard HelpSpot UI on the right, enhancing agent efficiency by consolidating multiple windows. This feature currently supports Vonage soft-phone users.
  • Added support for new HelpSpot license types.

Bug Fixes

  • Users will now be notified when the OpenAI API returns specific errors, such as reaching their quota.
  • Added detailed hints for the HelpSpot AI translation language setting.
  • Improved documentation links for HelpSpot AI features.
  • Improved database performance when running automation rules.
  • Fixed issue where the “Now Matches” regex criteria in triggers would lose its configured value.
  • Fixed error where issues with Thermostat API keys being invalid would not be logged correctly.
  • Fixed issue where .jpeg extension attachments could not be reattached as a image.
  • Fixed issue where the date picker calendar icon would not be displayed properly on secondary portals.
  • Resolved an issue where searching for values with special characters, like “&”, in advanced search didn’t yield results. Now, such searches are consistent with regular filter searches.
  • Fix outdated links
  • Addressed occurrence of deprecated PHP each() function.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft mailbox connections misinterpreted Graph API error responses as raw EML, causing blank emails in HelpSpot. The update ensures Graph API errors are now correctly identified, logged, and prevents unintended email archiving.
  • Resolved an issue with error messages on the IMAP mailbox setup page. Error display is now corrected.
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