HelpSpot 5.4.2

Written by Ian Landsman · 10.26.2023

Breaking Changes

  • HelpSpot 5.3.0 had breaking changes. If you are upgrading from a earlier version please review the 5.3.0 release notes.


  • Added a custom CA cert option for ldap authentication connections for use when ldap servers have self signed or private CA signed certificates.
  • Added timeout setting to the HelpSpot AI OpenAI integration.
  • Added GoogleFI SMS gateway.
  • HelpSpot now attempts to remove custom color styles from email bodies in Dark Mode to improve readability.
  • Request merging now locks the request while the merge takes place to prevent two merges from conflicting with each other.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error where related pages listing in the KB editor would no populate already related pages.
  • Reoccurring request now show up as being created by the system instead of user id #1.
  • Adjusted the size of the HS_Request_Events sDescription column on sql server was defaulting to 191 resulting in truncation of history events.
  • Webhook calls from triggers and automation rules now have a 10 second timeout to prevent long running requests.
  • Removed the Rogers SMS gateway setting as Rogers no longer offers this as a service to its customers.
  • Fixed less than and greater than conditions in triggers that did not function as expected.
  • Added new check for mail jobs to ensure that more than one mailbox check isn’t queued at the same time for the same mailbox.
  • Fixed upload error when drag and drop uploading files with not Latin1 characters.
  • Fixed error where special characters could cause an exception in full text searches.
  • Added a note that the Staff Reply as Public Note setting is not supported by Google mailboxes.
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