HelpSpot for Admins Webinar

Written by Ian Landsman · 02.15.2024

Are you ready to become a HelpSpot admin expert? Our latest webinar has all the tips and tricks you need, no matter if you’re just getting started or already a wizard at HelpSpot. We’ve packed this webinar with everything from setting up reports to automating your workload. Here’s a quick tour of what you’ll learn:

  1. Customization and Management of Categories: Categories are critical to organizing requests within HelpSpot. The opening section of the webinar explained how to customize and manage categories effectively, highlighting their importance in streamlining request management and ensuring efficient allocation of resources.
  2. Utilization of Tags and Custom Fields: We discussed the importance of tags and custom fields, emphasizing their flexibility and utility in categorizing requests more granularly. This allows for detailed reporting, filtering, and automation, enhancing the ability to manage and respond to requests effectively.
  3. Reports: Next, we covered creating and customizing reports within HelpSpot. Reports provide valuable insights into request volume, response times, and staff performance, among other metrics, aiding in informed decision-making and strategy formulation.
  4. Automation and Triggers: The webinar then delved into the automation features of HelpSpot, including triggers and rules that can automate workflows and response actions based on specific criteria. We showcased how automation can significantly improve efficiency and consistency in handling requests.
  5. Email Integration and Templates: Next up in our discussion was all about integrating email with HelpSpot, including setting up mailboxes, customizing email templates, and managing email notifications. This part highlights how email integration can streamline customer and team communication.
  6. Advanced Configurations and Best Practices: The webinar also discussed advanced configurations and best practices for using HelpSpot, including permission groups, secondary portals for multiple brand support, and customizing portals with portal templates.  
  7. Q&A Session: The webinar ended with a Q&A session, allowing attendees to ask specific questions and clarify doubts directly with the experts. This interactive segment addressed individual concerns and shared additional tips and insights.
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