Multiple Brand Support

Support multiple brands or departments from one HelpSpot.

Many Brands, One Help Desk

All your support in one help desk with one agent team. Each of your brands can have its own mailbox, self-service portal, and design while all support from those sources is unified into one place for your team to handle.

The largest multi-brand installation using HelpSpot has over 500 brands, with 500+ mailboxes and 50+ self-service portals all managed from a single HelpSpot.

Every Brand Pixel Perfect

Each brand has its own email templates and portal templates so that you can (optionally) custom design each one, so every touchpoint is perfectly on brand.

Great For Departments Also

These tools also work great for internal HelpSpot installations shared across multiple departments. Each department can have its own mailboxes, portals, and design. Tickets can then be shared across agents or siloed by the agents for each department.
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We trust HelpSpot with our most important communication—and they've made a huge difference to our business.

Teagan West, Customer Service Manager

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