Automate your help desk with real-time triggers that can perform dozens of actions.
Example of Triggers

React in Real-Team

Triggers are business rules that watch every change to every ticket. When a ticket is created or a change occurs that matches the trigger's conditions, its actions will be executed.

This provides incredible flexibility allowing triggers to be used to accomplish a wide variety of business goals such as automatic assignment based on ticket details, escalation, custom replies, and much more.

Use Cases

The wide variety of trigger conditions available allow you to react to very specific situations.

For example, you receive automated emails from a back-office system. Add a trigger that upon creating a ticket in HelpSpot for those emails automatically closes them so they're recorded but not in the agent's inbox.

Or, when any request is updated to change the category from 'technical support' to 'professional services' assign the request to the head of services, email a notification to the help desk manager, and set a custom field value to indicate an upsell to professional services occurred.


Triggers support a wide range of actions, including:
  • Assign Category and Staff
  • Set Custom Field Values
  • Set Reporting Tags
  • Set Status
  • Mark Urgent/Not Urgent
  • Move to Inbox
  • Move to Trash
  • Add a Private Note
  • Close/Open a Ticket
  • Notify an Agent
  • Notify an External Email
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Staff
  • Perform a Live Lookup
  • Post a Webhook

Business Hours Aware

Triggers can take your business hours into account, allowing you to define triggers that are executed only inside/outside of hours.

Integrate With Live Lookup

Triggers can call the Live Lookup API to dynamically populate your tickets with data from your CRM or other customer data source as soon as they're created.
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