Permission Groups

Use permission groups for organization and access control.
Example of Permission Groups

Feature Access

Permission groups perform a variety of tasks. Most commonly they're used to control feature access. For example, administrators can have access to reports, but 'help desk staff' level users do not.

Ticket Access

HelpSpot is open by default when it comes to ticket access for agents; however, if you have different groups who need different levels of access to tickets permission groups conrols this.

Use permission groups silo users into only categories they are part of. If a user is in the 'networking' and 'IT Support' categories those will be the only categories of tickets they'll be able to see. They will not be able to access tickets in other categories or ones with no category assigned.


Permission groups can also be helpful to separate groups that work together, such as departments, even when not using the other permission features. Many features in HelpSpot allow you to choose visibility by permission group. This can make assigning visibility much faster.

For instance, if you have a 'help desk staff' permission group, you can then quickly assign the visibility of filters, reports, and responses to that group. They'll be the only ones who can see those filters, for example, leaving the UI less messy for users in other groups.

Help Desk Software With Advanced Permissions

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