Categorize your help desk tickets for easy assignment and powerful reporting.
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Stay Organized

Drive your entire support process with HelpSpot's categorization process that determines who can be assigned, what custom fields are displayed, and keeps everything organized.

The categorization process also makes onboarding new agents easy as HelpSpot guides them in who can be assigned to a ticket and what data needs to be captured.

Category Based Assignment

Only assignable agents are shown once a category is selected, so there's never any confusion about who can be assigned each type of ticket.

Category Based Meta Fields

Categorization also drives which custom fields are displayed for the ticket. No need to wade through dozens of fields. HelpSpot will only show the fields appropriate for this category, reducing agents' time on a ticket and reducing errors.

Advanced Reporting

Categorization drives many of HelpSpot's advanced reporting features. Watch trends by category, group your tickets by category over time, resolution time by category and more. Never fly blind on your help desk again.
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